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Jun 17, 2018

Fashion blogging has grown tremendously over the past few years with the rise of technology and several social media platforms. While there are some great bloggers with genuine content, it can be difficult to discern between who is legitimate and who is not.

Years ago, before the rise of Instagram and the demise of the real fashion gatekeepers, we waited on the magazines to tell us the next hottest trends, now, fashion is moving forward at an accelerated pace and can be viewed in realtime on many social media platforms.

But how can we tell who is authentic and who isn’t?

Consumers have trusted bloggers opinions for years because

it was coming from a personal point of view, detached from the brand. They are engaging with the consumer and considered to be “one of us” which makes them feel credible.

Lately, this has not been the case. Many bloggers and influencers are being paid substantial amounts of money to include a brand in their blog.

Finding content that is good for you can be difficult, but here are a few tips to help you navigate through the endless sources online:

-A notable fashion blogger will create genuine content that uses their expertise to introduce, compare, and analyze a product or brand. They will explain how it should be used or worn and how to attain a certain result. They are engaging their followers and will give feedback.

-Know the difference between an influencer and an authentic expert in the industry. An influencer is usually used as a voice for the brand and someone that is given clothing in exchange for exposure on their social media platforms, which can have millions of followers. They are there to get paid, not to find the best product for the consumer.

-The best bloggers are deeply rooted in the industry and have more credibility than just appealing photos. Their content is relevant and informational. It can be used over several spectrums of fashion and isn’t only about a particular brand.

In the end, look for high quality content and information that interests you.

The best bloggers will stand out from the rest and give you content that is rooted in knowledge and expertise. They know the internal workings and components of the fashion industry.

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