Just Say No

Jun 10, 2018

I appreciate everyone’s patience in my absence from blogging the past few weeks, its been a hectic season to say the least.

This blog will be a short one but filled with lots of great info.

With wedding season in full swing, I wanted to touch on a few things that have come to my attention.

Gentlemen, under no circumstance should you rent a suit, tuxedo, or any garment on your wedding day, or any day for that matter.

This is not an item you should skimp on.

It’s a very special day and you should invest in a suit or garments that will look impeccable on you and in photos. And believe me, LOTS of photos will be taken.

You want to compliment the bride without overpowering her and your suit should have clean “slim” lines, which means, it should fit properly.

An experienced custom clothier will ask you detailed questions about the garment you’re being fitted for in order to ensure the perfect fit.

Anyone that os a custom client of Barakat Bespoke knows the extensive questionnaire we do during our first fittings, this helps us tremendously in making sure we provide you with the best garment for your occasion and budget.

Here are a few tips when shopping for your wedding suit:

-If you happen to come across a custom clothier that also allows rentals, RUN. Any reputable custom clothier isn’t going to allow rentals in their shop or on their clients, period.

-If you decide to buy off the rack, look for the closest best fitting size without going too small. It’s easier to take in a suit than it is to let out one.

But beware, a larger suit can look just as bad as a small suit if overly altered. And if your goal is a custom fit, go custom. It is much more affordable than you think.

-When shopping for the wedding party, always choose what you, the groom, wants first. The groomsmen attire is secondary and should act as a compliment, not a statement. All fabrics, styles, and colors should be thought of as long term. You want classic style for photos and the ability to utilize the suits again. Trendy isn’t your best option here.

As always, when in doubt, less is more and always keep it fun!

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