How Great Tailoring Can Change Your Life

Jul 23, 2017

Traditional tailoring has been around for sometime now and although it has been underutilized in the past few decades, it is making a fierce comeback. Some of you do not need to visit a tailor to find proper attire, but many gentlemen still do. Why? Because finding a proper tailor can improve more than just your clothing. Finding a good tailor combined with a knowledgable stylist, can change your entire outlook on life and the way others will perceive you.

Here’s how Barakat Bespoke has been helping since 1893

1. Great tailoring will not only make your clothing look better, you will feel better

Whether we like it or not, appearances matter and poorly fitted clothing will make you look ridiculous. Well fitted clothing will make you want to dress better in general. When you dress better and look better, your confidence increases. We guarantee that this will spread into other areas of your life, especially your professional life.

What I hear from clients:

“Look at Mark Zucherberg, he wears a t-shirt and jeans daily.”

Let me tell you about those shirts and jeans, they are custom Brunello Cucinelli which range between $300-$3000 a piece. They look great on him because they fit properly. This also makes dressing effortless for him, leaving more time to rake in all that cash, which makes his life better.

2. Great tailoring is comfortable

It’s become normal for most of you to ignore the discomfort of ready made clothing, Although some of you are able to find off the rack clothing for your body type, many of you are not. Maybe you have wide shoulders that makes your jacket feel tight. Maybe your thighs feel restricted in slimmer pants. Your tailor can adjust your clothing to make them fit properly and comfortably whatever your body shape may be.

What I hear from clients:

“Fit is not as important as the quality of the garment.”

It does not matter how high quality an item is or how much you spent on it, if it does not fit, it will not look good or feel good. 

3. Great tailoring is about you

One of the things that keeps our clients coming back for more at Barakat Bespoke, is the attention to detail that they receive. We do not have a “one size fits all” remedy. Our tailoring services are catered to each individual. We understand that everyones wardrobe needs are different and we make sure that each gentleman receives a personalized service that meets those exact needs.

What I hear from clients:

“My dry cleaner can alter my clothing quickly.”

The term “tailor” is used very loosely around these parts. Someone may be able to fix an issue that you have but a skilled tailor will be able to tell you if it will ruin the look of the garment. Do they know where your pant leg should break? Do they know exactly how much shirt cuff should be showing from your sleeve jacket? In this area, skills matter.

4. Great tailoring will make you more selective

Good tailors are hard to come by and most sales people will lack the basic knowledge required to guide you in the right direction. You want to make sure that you find a tailor that can understand your vision and get you the perfect fit. Once you’ve had a true tailoring experience, you will become more selective when choosing what to wear. Your appearance is the first thing people will see and is sending a message long before you say anything. Spending a little extra and getting EXACTLY what you want is always worth it.

What I hear from clients:

“I can’t afford an entire wardrobe of tailored clothing.”

Build a solid relationship with a knowledgable tailor because knowledge is power and this type of knowledge will save you both time and money. Having a basic understanding of alterations will help you in making wiser decisions when shopping. Is the sale jacket that’s too tight in the waist worth the purchase? What about all the clearance suits hanging in the closet because they are way too long and baggy? Making the right decisions can keep extra cash in your wallet.


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